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Available Cairns Puppies and Adults


For information regarding available Cairns, please contact our coordinator, Patti McCully at


Thank you  for reaching out to Cairn Terrier Club of Denver for help with your search for a Cairn Terrier. 


We do not maintain any sort of interest list, but we do work closely with Cairn Rescue USA when there are terriers available in the Colorado area.   I would suggest that your best option would be to go to their website and complete the application form.  The website link is


I would also suggest logging onto the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network and completing their application form.  That website is


And don't forget to log into Petfinders frequently and search for terriers, you'll be amazed at how many terriers and especially terrier mixes are available for adoption.


Finally, I do know that National Mill Dog Rescue near Colorado Springs has several young adult cairn terriers that are ready for their new homes from time to time.   The link to their website is



Good luck to you in your search, 





The Cairn Terrier Club of Denver

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